Friday, 16 August 2013

Inventor of Scrum Methodology-Jeff Sutherland

Inventor of Scrum Methodology Jeff Sutherland –The discoverer of Scrum. He was started his job as a Air force pilot in the United State. Air force where he got Top Gun status in 1967 and also flew missions over North Vietnam. Jeff Sutherland’s last tour of responsibility was at Stanford University where he got a M.S. in Statistics and the United States Air force Academy where he taught Statics, Probability and Mathematics.

After Completed job as a pilot in United state air force , Jeff Sutherland joined the faculty of the University of Colorado Medical School and He got his Doctorate degree in University of Colorado Medical  School as Assistance Professor of Radiology , Bio metrics and Preventive Medicine .

He join founder of Cancer Research and The Center for Vitamins under support of Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling and Became Principle researcher of a National Cancer Center for eight years.At that time , he Concerned data file on every cancel patients in Colorado and integration with a national registry, epidemiological studies and research on Super Computer mathematical model of carcinogenics.

After Getting Doctorate degree , In 1983 He joined a banking company that operated 150 banks at North America and He was become VP of higher Systems and General Manager of Their ATM unit.
He has been Chief Technical Officer of 11 Software development Companies. In the Opening 4 Software companies , he introduced Scrum and in the 5th company made Scrum as we know Today. Jeff Sutherland’s initial aim was the Success of Scrum .

Jeff Sutherland achieved his Goal. Now a day 72% Companies user Agile Scrum method for Development in 92 countries. Jeff Sutherland also want to replace general project management with  Agile Methodology over world to make work Pure and fast for Developers and revenue growth easily achievable for management.

Finally In 2006, Jeff Started his own company named Scrum Inc.Now recognized as the debut source of Scrum Training in the worldwide. He is also lead of Scrum Foundation Adviser and Agile Coach to open view course Partners.

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