Thursday, 12 September 2013

What are Differences and Similarities between Kanban and Scrum?

 There are some Similarities between Kanban and Scrum

1.  Prioritization of the Goal: - In both methods Kanban and Scrum Process  achieving goal is main Purpose of method .Both method give main Priority to make final product.

2. Fast and Pure Development:- The Main purpose of   both method Kanban and Scrum Methodology is make quick and pure development .Pure development means at deployment time no one change will come from client side.

 3.Transparency Between all team members:- Transparency means no one thing is hidden between all team members regarding development. All matter is display into Open Source Scrum tool like

Open Source Agile tool

There are some Differences between Kanban and Scrum

1. Kanban based on Process of Development as an ongoing flow while Scrum is based on iteration.
2. In Scrum Team give commitment to how many work completed in this Sprint is called Scrum Sprint, in kanban not any commitment.
3.  Scrum decide estimation time, Kanban not decide any estimate time.
4.  Scrum required cross functionality of team, Kanban required time to market.

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